Our Multi-Academy Trust was established on the 1st November 2014 and consists, initially, of two primary schools in Rotherham: Listerdale Primary School and Anston Greenlands Primary School.

These schools have collaborated informally for a number of years, with the heads working together for over a decade.  A similar Child-centred ethos and drive for excellence caused the schools to examine the formation of a more formal partnership and both approached the DfE in March 2014 and were granted an academy order by the Secretary of State for Education shortly afterwards.  Both schools look forward to a successful future together and both bring a number of other partnerships to the trust which will further strengthen improvements in education, experiences and outcomes for the children of Listerdale and Greenlands.

If your school is interested in joining our Academy trust, please contact us.

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Listerdale Primary School is situated in Brecks, on the outskirts of the Wickersley Learning Communty.  It has a newly built Foundation Unit, with integrated Nursery (F1) places and an entry limit of 45 children per year group. It also benefits from the Marcliff Family Centre which now forms part of the school. 


Anston Greenlands Primary school is in the village of North Anston, on the outskirts of the Dinnington Learning Community.  It welcomes children from Reception (F2) up to Year 6 and has capacity for 30 children per year group.  Its Headteacher is Alex Wirth.